How Do You Acquire An Auto Dealer’s License?

If you are looking for an additional form of income or simply to change your current career and enter the automobile industry, you need to have an auto dealer’s license so that you are legally allowed to buy and sell vehicles for a profit. Although you may be tempted to take a shortcut and avoid the process of becoming licensed, it is essential for your actions to be legal.

The actual process of obtaining a license may seem daunting to some people but it is possible to get help with every step of the process, including ensuring that all of the requirements are met. With the proper assistance and knowledge, the process of getting an auto dealer’s license can be straightforward despite the difficulties experienced when doing the process alone.

The Major Steps Towards Getting An Auto Dealer’s License

•           If you want assistance in the process of acquiring your dealer’s license, then the first step would be to find a reliable program that will assist you every step of the way, including assessing the requirements and ensuring that you meet all of them.

•           No matter whether you choose to go through the auto dealer’s license process by yourself or with assistance, the most important thing to do is to discover what the state’s requirements are in order to gain the license. Every state has different requirements and in many cases they can be somewhat difficult; this is to help make sure that only qualified and responsible people are able to qualify as dealer’s and thereby protect the consumers.

•           Although the requirements vary slightly from state to state most areas require that you pass the test given at the DMV that will allow you to get the dealer license and have a location which is zoned appropriately and approved by the DMV.

•           If you are looking to buy and sell automobiles, you also need to acquire a business license. You should also try to create a business plan that will allow you to plan effectively.

•           Most of the time in order to get a surety bond, which is necessary to gain the capital to start your business you will need to undergo a background check as well. To pass this check you should have a clear criminal record and a solid financial history.

An Abbreviated Process

If you want to acquire your auto dealers license quickly without having to go through all of the above steps, there is an alternative. You can choose to apply for a shared license through an existing business. The dealership will not be in your name if you choose to do this but you will still be able to access auctions that are only open to those with an auto dealer’s license and sell cars to members of your community or the general public.

About Dealers License LLC

The firm Dealers License LLC is located in Greenville, South Caroline and helps customers who are looking to acquire a retail or wholesale dealer license which will allow them to buy and sell automobiles both within the firm’s retail network and at auctions which are dealer-exclusive. In addition to the licensing, Dealers License LLC also provides marketing assistance, mentoring and coaching 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Visit to learn more.


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