Dealer’s license

You may think that selling a car in the US is easy. Only thing you have to do is to hop on eBay Motors, list it and sell it. But if you want to make a living by selling cars, that’s a whole different story. You’ll need to pass some tests, get a dealer’s license, and have your property inspected. Whether you are new to the car business or you are looking to grow your sales team, you’ll need to find out your state’s requirements on vehicle salesperson licensing.

Firstly, every state in the nation commands particular prerequisites for acquiring a vehicle dealership permit. There is a torrential slide of requisitions and a demanding cluster of building prerequisites. In light of this, you may discover the procedure of getting the merchant’s permit a spot troublesome. However, you can discover records and overall sorted out data at the DMV’s site, so you don’t have to contract a lawyer to decipher the critical lawful parts.

The pages you will find at the website will offer three separate dealership categories: licensing requirements, dealer forms and dealer-related information. You’ll also learn each state’s dealership building requirements including the size of street signs, size of display lots, number of phone lines, and the posting of operating hours.  You will uncover tips and advices on state Lemon Laws and the dangers of deceptive advertising. Also, you’ll find downloadable application forms, including bill of sale and odometer disclosure statements, without having to track them down at a Department of Motor Vehicle office.

What are the steps to obtaining the dealer’s license?

1.  Contact your local DMV

Each state in US has its own requirements for becoming a car dealer and getting the dealer license. Therefore, you will need to become familiar with the regulations in your state if you want to start your car selling business the right way. After you contact your local DMV, you will receive information and paperwork to fill out.

2. There are three things most states require:

– Pass the DMV test to get a car dealer license

– Set up a properly zoned location

– Get the location approved by the DMV inspector.

3. Fulfill additional requirements

You will need several other things to make your car dealing business successful and legal:

– A business license (Visit the US Small Business Administration, you will find there a great deal of useful information and not just rules and regulations)

– A business plan (Ideally, it will help you to plan for the future and work more effectively with people, starting today!)

– Apply for a surety bond (You will need to have a good credit history and your financial paperwork in order to be a successful car dealer. You will have to provide information about your business and specify the amount of bonding needed. Also, you will also have to sign a credit release agreement)

–  Pass a background check (Most states and most bonding companies will want to know you have a solid financial history and no crimes in your past)

Information on Dealers License, LLC

Dealers License, LLC is based in Greenville, South Carolina and helps clients across the country acquire their dealer license. They can assist you whether you are looking for a wholesale or retail dealer license, either of which allow you to access the dealer-only auctions mentioned above as well as buy and sell within the company’s retail network. They will also help you 24/7 with marketing assistance, mentoring and coaching. If you would like to learn more, check out:


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