Dealer plates

Dealer plates

The categories eligible for metal dealer’s plates include: Franchise, GDN Motor Vehicle & Motorcycle, Manufacture Motor Vehicle & Motorcycle Plates, Converter Motor Vehicle & Motorcycle, and In-Transit Metal Plates. GDN and franchise dealers may apply for metal dealer’s license plates (dealer plate) for the type of vehicles the dealer is licensed to sell. For example, a dealer who is licensed to sell only cars may use his dealer plate only on a car and not on a motorcycle or trailer.

Dealer uses:

Vehicle demonstration

– Personal use by the dealer, family or employees

– Only on vehicles dealer is licensed to sell

Converter and In-Transit uses:

Vehicle demonstration

– Convey vehicle

Further, it is important to know that an auction licensee may not have dealer’s plates under the wholesale license type. On the other hand, converter’s plates may be displayed only on the type of vehicle that the converter is engaged in the business of assembling or modifying.

All dealers and licensees are only issued one plate. It must be displayed only in the rear license plate holder of the vehicle. Plates and license expire on the same day as the license.

Vehicles with Dealer’s or Converter’s plates:

– Must have current inspection sticker

– Cannot display signs on vehicle

– Cannot be displayed on vehicle carrying load or performing service for the dealership (such as towing and transporting other vehicles, courtesy cars, rental or lease vehicles)

– Must have title in name of or assigned to the dealership

The law requires a dealer or converter to maintain a record of all metal plates and each vehicle assigned a license plate. The log shall consist of:

– the assigned plate number

– the year/make of the vehicle displaying the plate

– the vehicle identification number and

– the name of the person in control of the vehicle

Dealers are limited in the number of plates they may order depending on the type of license issued and the number of vehicles sold.

How to apply for a new license?

If you are ordering dealer plates with your application for a new license, make sure you do not order more than the number allowed by law. These numbers depend on the license type. When renewing your license, the number of license plates you may renew includes the number of plates you received with your license. Let’s say you are a franchised motor vehicle dealer and you received five plates when you first received your license, then you may receive up to 25 additional plates upon renewal for a total of 30. If you are a franchised motor vehicle dealer and you did not receive any plates when you first received your license, then you may receive up to 30 license plates upon renewal. And if it is renewal time and you have already reached the maximum allowed plates, you may submit a VIT document or other proof of sales with your renewal application to receive additional plates (remember that VIT must be submitted each time with the renewal).

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